dog breeding of "white flakes"

Japanese Spitz Lof

Litter of puppies : may 2022 



Breeder of Japanese Spitz breed dogs.

Puppies are raised at home with us and are used to rub our cats.

The Japanese Spitz are all white in color.

They are small: in adulthood, on average, they weigh 7 or 8 kg



Professional breeding purebred dogs

Japanese Spitz Lof


Nathalie Télémaque 

Tél : +33 06 36 99 90 20


Adresse : La Ferme du Château





PRICE OF A PUPPY :   1700 €

Japanese spitz are very pleasant to live dogs. They are very sociable dogs.

Japanese spitz like to be with us, follow us everywhere (ballad, car, among friends ..) and stay in the room with us in the house.